Local removals. Local and national

If you have to do a transfer of your business, if you have to move to another location, choose a company with experience that guarantees a well done job, choose Marbella Moving.

More than 30 years of experience in the sector are guaranteed of an exquisite treatment and great professionalism.

As a first touch, a salesman will visit your home or premises, without obligations or cost to you, to see the needs and requirements of your moving. After reviewing all, the company will contact you within hours of the visit, to inform you about the conditions and costs of the removal. Ask for other quotes to compare, but always beware of the cheap; because we all want your goods reach their destination in good condition.

O moving day, a team of Marbella Moving, will come to your home to start packing and dismounting furniture and goods you need to move. Appropriate packaging will be used, always with strong and quality materials, and experienced staff, to ensure the perfect state of your belongings during the move.

We reserve parking spaces in both origin and destination, as well as stair lifts and cranes when is necessary, to facilitate the loading and unloading of the moving.

In the destination address, we place the furniture and boxes in their rooms, as we proceed to the assembly of the furniture had to be disassembled for transport. If the customer has previously agreed, we will proceed to unpack the boxes and placement. We also place frames, lamps, curtains, etc.., which will have been agreed previously.

Once the moving is finished, we proceed to remove all residual material and furniture not wanted, to be recycled, and then wish you a happy stay in your new home.