International removals

¿Need to move to another country?

Marbella Moving offers a personalized service that will make the move an easy game. We have combined and regular transports to most of the international territory. We do sea, air and road transports. We have partners in all major countries of the common market, these being an extension of Marbella Moving abroad.

We tell you how your international moving would be with Marbella Moving:

As a first touch, a salesman will visit your home or premises, without obligations or cost to you, to see the needs and requirements of your moving. After reviewing all, the company will contact you within hours of the visit, to inform you about the conditions and costs of the removal. Ask for other quotes to compare, but always beware of the cheap; because we all want your goods reach their destination in good condition.

Whether a transport to an European country, by land or air, or to another continent, by sea or air, all merchandise will be packed with premium resistant materials to ensure that the goods arrive at your new home in the same condition they were. In the case of sea shipping, more importantly for the extreme conditions to which the goods are subjected, that is why we do not skimp on quality for you.

For cargo shipping, as well as small groupings, we have three sizes of containers, 20', with a capacity of 33 m³, 40’, with 67 m³ and 40' HC with 75 m³. You can send your vehicle with your goods too. 

Marbella Moving will place the goods inside the container in the correct way, to make sure they don’t suffer any damage during the transport to your new residence.

Marbella Moving is responsible for conducting the respective customs clearances in both, origin and destination, having previously requested the necessary documentation for them.

Once there, our partner will contact you to schedule a delivery date. The container will be positioned at your new home. It will be always opened in your presence, then we will start the delivery of your belongings, unpacking, placing and assembling the furniture at your new home. Once completed, we will wish you a pleasant stay at your new home.