We have all kind of packaging material, durable and top quality. We can do special packaging for domestic and international shipments, whether by air, sea or land. We also make custom wooden boxes for fragile items.

  • Small boxes (45x35x35) Recommended for dishes, glassware, books and fragile objects.
  • Medium boxes (46x46x52).
  • Big boxes (46x46x75).
  • Wardrobe boxes (130x50x50). Very useful for storing clothes hanged up.
  • Bubble-wrap.
  • Reinforced bubble-wrap with insulation. Perfect for fine furniture resistant.
  • Packaging, avoids the annoying marks that may cause the normal plastic on the furniture over time.
  • Wrapping paper. Ideal for protecting crockery, glassware, ceramics and delicate decoration.
  • Bed covers. Available in two sizes, 90 and 180cms.
  • Tape: Our tape is very resistant and can be used directly on the surface of the furniture without damaging the finish of it.

Tips for a perfect package:

  • Use new and tough boxes.
  • Pack fragile objects with bubble-wrap.
  • The plates must be wrapped with paper or bubble-wrap and place it upright to prevent damage.
  • The glasses or cups must be wrapped in paper or bubble-wrap and placed in its normal position to prevent damage.
  • Fill the boxes with paper to prevent objects from moving inside.
  • Heavier items should be placed in smaller boxes for easy transport.
  • Write down the contents in the box with a marker to know which room it belongs.
  • Secure the bottom of the box with a good tape to prevent accidents.
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